I haven’t the slightest clue where to begin. So, yes––the independent web. An escape from the false promises of Web 3.0. Capital fatigue. Still not knowing what a content creator is or feeling like the office has served me much. Realizing my passion for technology was a passion for the mystery and grandiose approximations of gadgets and not a hyper-optimization of everything into nothingness.

Weirdly––and this is a live thought––typing into this I don’t hear the fictional crowd of voices I usually hear when composing a tweet. The only difference is I’m less compelled to type in all lowercase.

I’m going back to where it started for sanity. I think I had it right the first time. The Y2K promise of a cyberpunk future failed us. We all thought we were going to be Harrison Ford in Blade Runner when the majority of us were actually the custodian behind him. The bezels are thinner, but the systems are the same. The Information Age promised we’d be in Greece but we’re actually in Rome. I didn’t mean to come in hot.

I’m just a Slow Internet advocate? experimenting with words there. We have a lot of slow internet. It’s actually hard to avoid if you’re a fan of nuance and high fidelity. Bandcamp, Itch, Reddit, Discord, this whole Indie Web Movement with the resurgence of Angelfire-like webrings and guestbooks; people clearly hate what’s happening and want to wait again. I stopped my last blog because I was still kinda plugged into social media analytics being the center of the conversation. Still kinda keeping an eye on Likes and thinking “I suppose this is inefficient. I’m putting a website (which I hold dear) in between people and the art/words. The web isn’t the center. The centralized platform must be.” But nah I was wrong. The people who punch through and wanted to engage away from the infinite scroll were my people. Less visibility is sacred.

So here’s the moodboard of what some of this little website will be about:

video games



vgm music

city pop vinyl


Video games (imported, odd, and otherwise), MiniDisc adventures and other amazing gadgets of the 2000’s, digicam photography of my adventures in Philadelphia, video game adjacent music stuff, City Pop vinyl collecting, LEGO, manga ??? We’ll see about that one. I’ll probably share some of my home cooking as well. If you grinned at any of this, you’re in the right place. I think. I generally don’t get ranty. I save that for my partner. I do miss when the internet was small and promised more. When discovering another part of the world was like peeking through a keyhole. When new information felt 15% more sacred. When we endlessly talked about something because we loved it and not to sell a Casper Mattress or a Squarespace or whatever. Good things have happened since then. Great Things. But Daddy Corporate is here now, sticking his ads in between our conversations and all that. When BeReal gets ads I’m gonna cry. Anyway yeah I’m gonna write about fun stuff and not discourse probably! Follow along for the ride!


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